Today it begins...

Today will be the first day I paint in my new "studio". If you are in Charleston- you can come and watch me at Mount Pleasant Mall! I will be there from about 1:00-3:00... 

I am working on a few more 16" x 40" flamingos and pelicans for the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition! 

Studio Sessions!!! Watch me paint in my new studio...

I am so excited about my new "studio" space! I was feeling that ReDux was not working for me- the commute was too long and I was not using the space enough to warrant the expense... and I did not get to see many people- which is one of my main goals with a studio outside my home! 
So... I am going to start painting in my space at Mount Pleasant Mall! I will likely be there in the afternoons (1-5) weekdays starting next week... 

stay tuned here for a more specific schedule once I get set up!!!! 


Bluffton Seafood and Arts Festival

This weekend- I will be in Bluffton, SC for the annual Arts Festival! And this year... I have prints of a brown pelican, dolphin, and blue crab over Hilton Head/Savannah Nautical Charts!!! 

My sweet friend Rachel will also be in Marion Square in Charleston for Farmers Market 8-2 Saturday with my work.  Come see either of us- the weather is supposed to be LOVELY!!! 





Tonight is our open studio event at ReDUX... all of the artists' studio doors are open so folks can get a "peek" into the behind the scenes work that we all do.

I am really happy that I took the "leap" to rent a studio- it is a big financial investment (thanks to my hubby to for supporting this decision!).  It helps me to get out of the house and being surrounded by other creative people is 1) comforting (*I am no the only crazy one trying to do this for a living!!) and 2) SO inspiring! 
It is nice to have a space that is just for painting - I am really excited to use this BIG space over the next couple months to experiment with some ideas I have had... paint LARGE scale... and really explore and continue to develop my style:) 

Thank you for reading...Amanda