Gasparilla Festival of the Arts

I am set up on Ashley Avenue in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in beautiful Tampa, Florida this weekend. Set up on Friday went smoothly and I am really happy with my spot. 


However, today started with rain showers. And then it rained harder. Then it thundered. And rained and rained and stopped for a few minutes, and is still raining as I write this at 10 pm Saturday night.  SO disappointing for everyone involved in this show! 
To say we are wishing for better weather tomorrow would be an understatement! 
The good news was that I remembered to pack my rain boots, so I was able to trudge through the rain and mud to see all of the other amazing art here.  I am in awe. Really- take a look at the website for the show. ( The sculpture and glass work, and etchings and all of the creative things in this park this weekend.  I am humbled and in awe.  And inspired to do more work, and put more of my own personality into my paintings.  This is the last painting I finished before the show- white egret on white canvas:) Feel free to comment and critique! :)