Those of you who know me know that I like to paint BIG. If I could, this would be all I would do. HUGE birds on canvas, flying, preening, feathers blowing in the wind. I LOVE it. It is so freeing to work in a large scale. The brush strokes are entire sweeps of my arm..... and I make a big mess when I do it. And its ALLOWED:) I read something this week about doing what made you happy as a child as a sort of therapy.  I think it should be more than therapy. It should be part of our EVERY day. 

And since you are taking time to read my blog, I will share behind the scenes progress with you that I don't usually share. Here is the sketch... and inspirational colors from my client's home. Check back to this blog in the coming weeks to watch this all come together!  (Oh, and you are getting a sneak preview of the home renovations that have been keeping me busy too- Sea Salt walls and new whitewashed oak floors! Now I feel like we live at the coast!)